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Nature des travaux : ShawnBeert

Client : ShawnBeert

Ecrit le : 20-03-2021

I am a humble chef, however, I'm going to try to formulate my head around the film, because it is so dear to my heart.

If someone which has a revolver gets away from the train inside prologue of Sergio Leone's film, then he has to have something to say. The silent wanderer looks after a bitter story deep as part of his heart, his secret weighs heavily on his soul. However, even being sentimental in moments of relative solitude, the traveler is decisive, and in the eyes you can see the fad which has accumulated within the years. He's not who he seems. The wanderer's name is Douglas Mortimer, an old military man and already a bounty hunter. If viewers of your film listen to the words of the flabby old man chained to your bed (a funny grandpa appears closer for the middle of the film), they may learn the fact that trains, these damned and noisy objects, are to blame for everything. Alas, but earthly hardships are usually not limited to trains and Douglas Mortimer is knowledgeable of this, his problem involves bones, flesh and blood. The character, played by Lee Van Cleef, cherishes the soul with thoughts of revenge, but not only revenge is the primary focus in the plot of Sergio Leone's brainchild, because in addition to the retired colonel, there's another hero in the film. Fast, accurate, discreet, another bounty hunter. At least curious, but at most wildly interesting, specifically when the “one-armed” shooter is played by Bruce Lee in the realm of Westerns - Clint Eastwood. You can estimate that the paths of Mortimer plus the nameless shooter will cross under the sun with the wild west. The spaghetti is inside the pot.

In A Few Dollars More, phrases like “in 10 mins you will be smoking in hell” or “you'll need a new sheriff” are inevitable. The hero of Clint Eastwood is shown as being a shooter whose abilities will be relevant inside a sci-fi novel, but that is claimed cannot be attributed on the disadvantages of the narrative. Even the most absurd moments inside Western genre and beneath the skillful direction of Sergio Leone become salt for spaghetti, and the history from the partnership between One-Handed and Colonel Mortimer tenaciously keeps viewers for the screens, which are usually visited by such thoughts: ¬¬ “I ponder what may occur further? Will One-Armed and Colonel Mortimer find common ground? ” “Some dollars more” - shootings, chases, music of time, personifying the arrival of death, here satire, in addition to foolishness, lives hand and hand with drama and ironically interpreted religious motives. And, finally, situation shown by Sergio Leone could be the archetype of several paintings, where partnerships flow into friendship, though into a variety of friendship, on this friendship a buddy can shoot someone within the neck in order that he isn't killed with the thugs of the final boss. The hearth is burning under the pan. The spaghetti starts to boil.

Sergio Leone's tape is indeed a classic of the genre, and this is certainly simple to implement by the sound of bullets fired by the heroes, bank robberies and also the long glances that two shooters exchange ahead of the decisive shot, that shot that decides human destiny. The creators besides draw attention to their creation (and they generally do it well), but additionally touch on burning topics using some instances of the film, not being afraid to scoff at corrupt politicians and cunning businessmen, using original script moves. In addition, it is over interesting to view a lot of Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef - the heroes of the earlier and new generation of westerns who, with regards to photographs of Manco (One-armed) and Colonel Mortimer, now and then prove something to each other, competing from the possessing a revolver and doing of sieve hats. Hmm, something's heating up in the kitchen area, phew, you're ready to serve spaghetti on the table. Winnie, the guests are waiting, hurry up, these are hungry and have learned to taste Leone's signature spaghetti. It is difficult with an expressive chef to look for a helper these days. Spaghetti is served, but wait one minute, dear guests.

Undoubtedly, Sergio Leone in her “A Few Dollars More” demonstrates to cinema the lion's share of his talent and professionalism, and the picture itself can be viewed hypertrophied dominating before the earliest film on the trilogy, which attracted the interest from the expressive Akira Kurosawa. Decades later, Leone's brainchild attempts to please numerous people, as well as the film succeeds: those viewers who wish a dramatic story understand it, people that love shooting and duels are satisfied, and connoisseurs of satirical humor will likely be satisfied after watching. As for the music, you may speak briefly - Ennio Morricone. Dear listeners, perhaps I'm too excited, that makes my thoughts just a little confused, but if you watch an awesome film of my fellow countryman one or more times, you will be convinced of your correctness of my words. However, I won't hide my bias, I must say i love the stories concerning the shooters with the wild west, where there's 2 not the same bounty hunters chasing the exact same victim, and not the identical motives. Oh, I almost forgot, season with spaghetti sauce and garnish with basil. Looks pretty good. Enjoy your meal!

Nature des travaux : KevinMar

Client : KevinMar

Ecrit le : 20-03-2021

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